Just to let you know that we have sold the apartment that we bought. Made a tidy profit of £120000. Cash buyer as well so completion shouldn’t take too long. Have you got any more like that? I want to reinvest the money

C. L


Five years ago I was going to invest $100000 in Gold but you talked me out of it saying it was going to go down in price and recommended investing in a PIMS instead. I’ve just checked my statement and that investment is now worth over $146000. It’s gone up nearly 50%!! Out of curiosity I’ve checked the price of gold and if I had invested in it by now it would only be worth $68000 – I would have lost $32000. In simple terms I am nearly $80000 better off by listening to you.

Both Ann and myself can’t thank you enough for your expert advice.

John. B


My son has now left university and started his first job. Over the years you have given us such good advice so can you arrange a savings program for him where money can be paid in every month? What we have said is that whatever he saves we will put in an equal amount.


J. L


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