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Whatever your needs whether it be Regular Savings, Lump Sum Investment, Retirement Planning, Portfolio Management, Estate Planning, Property Investments, Medical Insurance etc we are the company to turn to for expert unbiased advice. Read on to discover more about our products and contact us today

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Lump sum invesments

Many of our clients like to invest their money in Offshore Portfolio Bonds. With the right selection these can give above average returns but at the same time you can rest assured that they are held in the safest jurisdictions in the world. These bonds and funds are professionally managed by some of the most able, respected, safest and profitable companies in the world. There is a huge range and include household names like Amazon, Alibaba, Toyota, Microsoft, Apple, Rio Tinto etc. We will go through with you a step at a time to find what is right for you.

Alternative investments

This covers a myriad of things from Property to Gold to Structured Notes. These can be highly profitable but great care has to be taken to ensure the correct choices are made. Usually they are short term, anything from 1 to 6 years and many of them offer a fixed interest return well above normal bank rates. Before recommending one we would undertake extensive due diligence to ascertain the risk involved against the claimed returns. The security of your money is our utmost concern.

Regular savings

Every investor is unique and has a different set of values and reasons to invest. It could be to save for a deposit for a home, pay for a child’s education or even to provide income for retirement. Some people starting off on life’s highway wish to start with only a minimal amount per month. Others wish to save more to put as much as they can into a retirement pot. Usually speaking it is through regular saving that becomes a habit that these goals are achieved. Whether someone wants to start off with a small amount or is someone who wants to invest several thousands per month we will have something to cater for their needs. We will be able to get the most tax efficient, safe and high yielding products on the market taking into account a person’s criteria.

Pension transfers

Do you have a UK based pension? Is it providing enough for you for when you retire? Over recent years the rules have changed considerably in taking a UK based pension abroad and continue to change on almost a yearly basis. At one time a QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme ) was hugely popular and profitable but not so much now. It could be that an international SIPPS (Self Invested Personal Pension ) would now be more suitable. It is an area which is hugely complex and it is important that you receive the very best in advice as each person’s situation is unique in not only where they stand at the moment but where they want to be in the future. We have experienced experts who at all times keep up to date with regulation changes so you can be sure that your are receiving the very best advice from the industry’s top professionals.

Retirement Planning

People who live offshore usually have the opportunity to reach their retirement goals. An offshore pension is more flexible than an onshore one. Virtual tax free growth is one of the many benefits together with no need to buy an annuity. Also there is no minimum retirement age and should you desire the whole fund can be taken as a lump sum. You can take the benefits as and how you want them. We have the skills and experience to create the perfect pension for any situation. You can be sure that the advice you receive will enhance your future retirement.

Estate Planning

One thing that is often overlooked by expatriates is Estate Planning. Sooner or later we are all going to die and very often a person can have assets in multiple jurisdictions. Where the problem often comes in is that what is legal in one country might not be in another. For your wishes to be respected it is important that you have the right advice and protections in place. Our experienced team with gather all the information and ensure that your wishes are respected in the relevant countries.

Corporate Services

Successful overseas companies know the value of providing their employees with the right benefits. They help attract, motivate, inspire and keep the best employees. Sterling Dunbar can tailor make company pension and savings plans that can be transferred to different countries if required.

Medical insurance

One of the things that is often over looked by expatriates is the need for medical insurance. Many countries have systems where medical care has to be paid for by the patient. It is far from unusual for hospitals to refuse treatment when a patient can’t prove the means to be able to pay. Medical insurance is vital for any expatriate. The idea that it only happens to other people is just not true. The biggest issues that foreign Embassies have to resolve is people having no or very limited insurance. They won’t pay. Don’t get caught out. We offer a wide range of providers giving different levels of cover at different premiums to cater for all needs.

Whatever your needs, we have a tailored service for you

The normal course of events are as follows

At no time will we ever handle your money or ask for any upfront payment. You will deal directly with the institution concerned.
At all times we will keep you up to date with your investments to let you know how they are performing and make any recommendations as required.                                                                                          

Step 1

Preliminary meet

We have a get to know you meeting where we find out what your financial objectives and plans are.

Step 2


We will then undertake an in depth written report giving you different options as to the best way forward

Step 3


We will go through the report with you answering any questions that you might have and explaining through experience

Step 4


After studying the options, if you decide to go ahead, we will help complete the applications to the chosen institution

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