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An International and independent company of Wealth Managers and Financial Advisers.
Our aim is to help our clients to not only safeguard their wealth but for it to grow in the safest possible way.


With us being completely independent we are able to offer the widest possible range of investments and savings.
We have complete impartiality and as we are not tied to any one financial institution you can be sure that
We will only recommend what is right for the client.

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Why Sterling Dunbar?

 Whatever your needs whether it be Regular Savings, Lump Sum Investment, Retirement Planning, Portfolio Management, Estate Planning, Property Investments, Medical Insurance etc we are the company to turn to for expert unbiased advice. 

What type of investor are you

 Some people are wanting short term savings for buying things like a new car. Others are looking at the medium term. Others are long term which could be for several decades for things like a retirement fund. Some people only want to invest a small amount each month. Others can have a lump sum in the millions and are looking for something safe but at the same time giving excellent returns. People have different attitudes to risk. Some people are naturally cautious and the most important thing to them is the safety of their hard earned money and are happy to accept a slightly lower return. Others are prepared to accept slightly more risk for the chance of higher gains. There are then other people who are prepared to invest in something more volatile where the potential returns are highest but at the same time potential losses could be higher as well.


At the heart of our philosophy is the security of our client’s money. Although the past performance of an investment does not guarantee it will perform as well in the future it is a starting point. We believe in analysing and obtaining as much information as possible before recommending anything. We will look at past performance, if it is a company how long have they been in business? What is the credit and risk rating? What is the worth of the company / investment? If everything goes wrong what security is in place for the client to get his money back. What legislation is in place to protect the client? What are the tax implications? These are just a few of the questions we ask and seek answers for. We will always let the client know if we consider it outside of the perimeters they are looking for. We will always look to provide proof of it’s suitability.

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The normal course of events are as follows

At no time will we handle your money or ask for any upfront payment. You deal directly with the institution concerned. At all times we will keep you up to date with your investments to let you know how they are performing and make any recommendations as required.                                                                                          

Step 1

Preliminary meet

We have a get to know you meeting where we discover your financial objectives, goals and current plans are.

Step 2


We will then undertake an in-depth written report giving you different options as to the best way forward based on your data

Step 3


We will go through the report with you answering any questions that you might have and explaining through experience

Step 4


After studying the options, if you decide to go ahead, we will help complete the applications to the chosen institution

See what our clients say

It’s gone up nearly 50%!! In simple terms I am nearly $80000 better off by listening to you.
Made a tidy profit of £120000. Cash buyer as well so completion shouldn’t take too long
Over the years you have given us such good advice so can you arrange a savings program

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